About Box of Bows

We are Suzanne and Emma

We met whilst volunteering to organise fundraising events for our daughters’ school and instantly became good friends. Whilst chatting one day the conversation turned to hair bows – our girls adore them and have so many different colours, styles and fabrics!

As mums, we spend so much time searching for the perfect outfit and accessories for our girls and realised it would be much easier (and save valuable time!) if there was a service which took the hard work out of it.

That’s how we came up with Box of Bows.

Box of Bows is a monthly subscription service and is the perfect treat for young girls. We hand-select seasonal colours and fabrics and create beautiful bows which we deliver to you with styling tips in a pink box.

As working mums we want to spend as much time as possible with our families and if Box of Bows allows you to do that too then we have achieved our goal. We hope you love the bows as much as we do!